Trading terms

How we operate - Estimates and payment

ColwallStone will meet with you on site to discuss your requirements, measure up and take some photographs for reference purposes. This will be followed by an estimate and sketches where appropriate for your consideration.
The estimate will split the work into stages, setting out the material and labour costs. We are also happy to provide quotations for insurance claims.

We are also happy to advise customers on ways that they can reduce costs through undertaking some preparatory work themselves or by changes to the design specification.

All labour is charged according to a day rate. Where bad weather prevents work for part of a day then either no charge, or a half day charge will be levied, depending on time spent on site. ColwallStone is not currently registered for VAT. Before starting on site, we request either a cheque to cover the cost of materials, or that the client orders and pays for the materials separately. There after we invoice clients at the end of short jobs or at pre-agreed stages, as required.

Please note that alterations or changes to agreed original design specifications may be liable for additional charges.

Other considerations - Pipes, Power, Livestock and Pets

ColwallStone cannot be responsible for any costs or additional work that result from damage to underground cables or pipes, which it has not been made aware of and are not clearly marked on the site plan. ColwallStone has public liability cover up to £5M.

We usually need access to water and sometimes electricity. To minimise inconvenience to you we prefer if this is from an outside building, such as a shed or garage.

In the interests of everyone's' health and safety, please arrange for grazing animals to be relocated away from our area of work. Likewise if you have pets that need to be kept in an enclosure, make sure that their pen has a separate entrance to that of the site.